Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love my cool sisters! Megan- great soccer playing and Brynn and her dancing hands. And wow, Eric is the primary pianist!!...awwww

Sis. Monterio got her Washington package, and she sends a huge hug to all of
you! She is so grateful and excited to visit...not sure when, but she´s coming. Mom, she says you're amazing and I agree with her.

But my week...okay. Cool stuff first. I saw an owl! It came up and sat right next to me. We have cockroches in our house and my companion screams as I kill them with my shoe. We´ve also encountered a really great person, Jackiline, who will probably be baptised this week.

Shannon had some troubling experiences with her companion this week. We chose to keep the details private. Her Zone leaders' advice was to "serve, learn to love" and then they wished her "good luck".

So, this is me. I´m working and striving to be totally obedient. If I don´t have the opportunity to train--you will not hear me complain. The problem I have is the language. I am so behind, I can understand everything but I can´t speak it. Sometimes, I´m close to my breaking point and I don´t know what to do. I´ve begged the Lord and am trying to be better, but this is just so hard. I know, wait and after the trial of your faith, but ug! And my companion is always talking down to me, always saying bad things. I want, so much, to be a good missionary.

This whole experience has reminded me so much of backstage work in the theater. I remember all of the hours and hours and hours that Mom and I, Jerry, Will, Bill and so many others put in to the stake show. Some people wanted to shine in the spotlight, and how, Mom, you always took a step back. You did your part and you didn´t need the whole world to know it. The people who really made a difference in that show, in all of the activities of the church, don´t do it for the spotlight or for the chance to be called as leaders...they do it because they were asked. It's like Dad says, it's the people who stay to clean up after an event, the people who serve because it´s what Christ would do and not because they want the whole world to know it. I think of so many unsung heroes in the stake, Diane, Schweikarts, Brother Conlin, nursery leaders and primary teachers...the helpers of the kingdom. It´s Karen Barkley and Dad at 5pm on the last day of Camp, it´s Sister Monterio making cookies for the Elders and getting up every day at exactly 6:30 as an example.
It´s Larry Colvin and Michael O´Brien. Tracy Day and how he always cried becuase he loves the YM and how he taught the boys so much. Wow, I was really lucky. It´s people who serve because they want to, not because they aspire for callings, that have influenced me so much.

Thanks for your love and support. Love ya!


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  1. Hey Shan, I know you posted this one awhile ago, however I wanted to comment. First off Congrats on being a missionary, that's so awesome! I am really proud of you! It's sorta crazy you're a missionary, as I used to babysit you all when you were small... does that mean I am old now!? Well I feel young... so that's what I concentrate on! Secondly, reading through some of your post brings me back to my mission days... I had some companions who sound a lot like the one you had! I totally feel your pain! I also completely feel your pain when it comes to the language. I thought I'd never speak it and never be able to teach a charla (that's the spanish word for Discussion, not sure what it is in portugese?)Just keep going and trying I know you are strong and have such an awesome support system back home! It's sooo true about waiting until after the trail of your faith! I think I remember your dad quoting that scripture to me so many times over the years and it really came in handy on the mish! Pray, read your scripts in portugese, try 100% speaking and ask questions! I know you're probably doing all that! The gift of tongues is so amazing... w/o my faith in that I would have never been able to teach the wonderful spanish speaking people who reside in North Carolina! Good Luck and you're in our families prayers! Keep the Faith and Families truly are Forever!
    Love ya, an old friend