Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, going to Bragança was my saving grace...literally. It was amazing to get to see Ana (we missed the wedding and had to come back before the baptism), but Ana was perfect...and what made me so happy was that the members of the ward helped her get ready for the wedding and baptism! She has so many people who are helping her to succeed. AWESOME!!!!!!! OUR JOB IS COMPLETE.

I was taught correctly, Sister Monterio is the best missionary I know. I miss serving with her!

Thursday morning, my companion and I had to go to Campinas because ELDER SOARES OF THE 70 was having a meeting with us. YES MEG, THIS IS AN 'Oh my gosh' YOU GUYS MOMENT...and we had to be in Campinas at 11am. The meeting would start at 1. We got up at 5:30, studied, and I was ready to go at 9:30...but my companion wanted to have one of the Young Women do her hair...and it took until 10:50. I told her time and time again that we had to leave. Well, after that, I took control and with 21 years of traveling experience in my pocket(thanks mom and dad), got us on a bus, then got us a taxi and managed to get to the Chapel at 12:52 just in time for the meeting. AND THE MEETING WAS FABULOUS! I learned so much about goals, how the gospel moves us and how we must always do our part. It was fantastic.

Then Friday, we worked! We had a division and I taught and taught and taught. Saturday came and to Bragança, Sister Monterio and I went. We returned to Nova Veneza about 7:30. Then, my comp and I had to visit all of our investigators and confirm for problem. But- for unfortunate reasons, we didn't get the job done.

So, we decided that if we left Sunday morning at 7am- we could confirm with everyone. So, I set the alarm for 5. No prob, yes, I was tired, but darn it, I came on my mission to WORK! By 6:36 I had showered, dressed, done my hair, eaten breakfast and was reading my scriptures. But again, we didn't leave until 8:05 and had a poor showing of only 3 investigators in sacrament meeting. I had to give a talk and couldn't sit with them. The other person that should have sat with them, chose not to. Wasn't the best of situations.

BTW, Sister Monterio said that 13 missionaries left the Manaus Mission and only 3 arrived. Her town has been closed for missionaries as well as all of the towns in the inferio of the Amazon. Where is Eric?

Love you, proud of you all. I need your prayers.

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