Saturday, November 6, 2010


Got the package, thank you!!!


Sharee is the coolest of all...she sent me a letter!!!

So I have a challenge for you guys! Yesterday, in District meeting, we learned about how our bishop and stake president need to be our best here is the challenge. Dad, rest of the stake presidency and bishops...go on a division with the elders at least one time this month. You will learn alot and the elders will as well. Good luck!!!

This week has been intersting. We encountered a modern miracle. Friday night, Jackaline said that she wasn´t interested any more and that she was going back to her old church. Before we left, we taught her about the Sabbath and Tithing and it was quite powerful. She agreed to come to church on Sunday. When she came to church, she brought her parents and one of her sons. Her dad decided he's going to be baptised this Sunday! Jackaline and her mom need some more time, but we´re taking them to the to the temple tonight to show them around and teach some more. Fingers crossed.

We also have transfers in a week and I'm not sure what's going to happen. I love this area, but I don´t think that I'll be staying with Sister Wagner. Still, it´s the will of god and so as the song says, "I´ll go where you want me to go, I´ll be who you want me to be, I´ll say what you want me to say." I´ll be an instrument in God´s hands, and I´ll change into the woman that I was meant to be.

So, that´s how things are going. It takes tons of patience and humility an knowing when to just smile and nod...yes mom, I am finally learning!!! I know, WOW! If you try really hard you can see and learn something every day, with every new ward, every new leader and every new companion we learn more about ourselves and about the things that we will be and the things that we won´t do in the mission and in our lives. I think of my amazing zone and district leaders in Braga├ža and I learned from the best.

Well, guess that's it for now. Take care, know that all of you are in my prayers.


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