Friday, September 3, 2010

Braganca Paulista

ESPOSSO BONITO (Beautiful Husband Hill)
Transfers went down this week. My companion and I are still in Braganca Paulista. 3 transfers! ...yep, it´s good that I love my companion. We actually work well together and were both excited to stay. But...42 more days of Esposso Bonito (Beautiful Husband)...the hill we have to climb every day, usually many times every day. (see picture) Our Mission President is talking to our stake president about retention of new converts. We are, however, the two only sisters in our zone. The other sisters were transfered, so it´s just us and 14 Elders. New zl´s and dl´s as well, it´s a whole new world. It´s our new dl´s birthday on Sunday so we´re throwing him a party on Tuesday.
It is VERY VERY COLD and I need to get another jacket and some more nylons- just to stay warm. Thankfully, the landlords of our house fixed our shower so we now have a little hot water (YEAH).

Our baptism fell through, but it´s ok. The reason we couldn´t baptise him is because his father was abusive and his mom took him and his sister and ran away to Braganca. She doesn´t want him to get baptised until she goes to church and see´s that it is a safe place and a place where records are kept confidential. We´re probably going to baptise two sisters on knows that the Gospel is true and the other is going to church because she thinks one of the young men is cute. Sister Monterio says..."today a snake, tomorrow a leader".

Things are going well, we are working hard. Hope all is well at home, Shan

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