Thursday, September 23, 2010

Braganca Paulista

Hi everyone!
Sister Monteiro´s mom talked to Eric this week...he´s doing GREAT, and he says that President will probably let him visit Sister Monteiro´s city in December, when she returns...I´m excited! I´m getting a package ready to send to him, dvd´s, music, and photos...cause he doesn´t have a temple in his mission. I´m pretty much ready to break into ``ìt´s a small world after all...``

I taught Sister Monterio how to make Deviled Eggs this week and she loves them!! Woot woot :)

My pretty amazing district had a great morning today- playing soccer, dodgeball and american football...and yes, I participated...the elders laughed at me and my non excistant hand and eye coordination...Guilherme and Gabi came and had a great time with th elders. It was great, but now one of the elders tuggs at my ponytail every time he see´s me, ah it´s life.

Right now I´m in Itatiba (another city) with my amazing Sister Monterio, Elder Soza Santos, Elder Murri, Elder Cook, Elder Dunn, Elder Pedrozo and Elder Rhodes...we´re going to have lunch and then go to the zoo! Festa!!! Transfers are Tuesday, and Pedrozo says anything could be prepared for everything...and that one of us will probably be in another city this time next week...honestly, I would really like to stay here, our district is cool, and our zone leaders, Elders Pedrozo and Rhodes are pretty much perfect...yeah, everyone else is as well, and I´ve come to love the people in Braganca... But I hope that this area isn´t closed, we have Ana and Gilson´s marriage at 9am on October 16, 2010 and then their baptisms after!!!! So if one of us is transfered, we have to come back...Sister Monterio has to because she is a witness (I could not be a witness because I´m an American.)

We´re working a ton with Guilherme...he´s ready, but we just need to convince his mom that this is right for him, and that she needs to trust more in God than in man. She talked to Elder Pedrozo Monday night when it was raining, and told him bossily, that she wasn´t going to let us leave until the rain had stopped and she fed us dinner (this was at 8:45pm, we have to be home at maximum 9:30...) so yeah the Elders all know about her now, and yes, we got home before 10:30, but just barely...and yes, Dinner was very very good.
As well, the past two days it´s been raining, and oh, it has been amazing! I danced in the rain last night, Sister Monteiro thinks that I´m crazy, but it was so amazing, I was soaked, but YES, I was so happy. Yeah for dancing in the rain. I have photos of everything but right now, Elder Rhodes has to mail them to his family, and after Elder Duhn and after Elder I hope I´ll have a chance to send you guys some cool photos. They are taking care of me and Sister Monterio...Elder Duhn called Sister Monterio and me the soul of the district, and Elder Rhodes said that having sisters in a zone, was like when your mom and dad had a day off and the two of you just had a day of adventures and that it feels like magic, and that feeling of magic is in us.

Anyway, that´s all. Take care and WRITE ME!!! I´ll probably get my package this week...YEAH! Love you! -Sister Shan

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