Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well...first off, Sister Monterio is sick. We spent 3 days in the house...yeah, I was going loco!! We bought her medicine. She has pain in her ear, but the doctors say that it´s normal...but she can´t hear very well, and she says it´s not normal...any advice?

As I said, we spent all Wed, Thur, Sat and most of Sunday in the house because of sickness. Yep, not fun. Cleaned the house, studied my Portuguese, read the Articles of Faith by Talmage. But even with the sickness that my companion had, we still somehow did better than all the Elders in our zone. Dad-it was the worst numbers I´ve had on my mission. Yesterday, the assistants visited our zone and they and our two zone leaders gave Sister Monterio a blessing. It was very powerful. The assistant are Sister Monteiro´s former zone leaders and you can tell that they love her. When the blessing was given, (it was just the six of us in a room), I could see the power that they had...they were literally glowing with light and love for my companion.

However, I do have a piece of advice for you guys on how to help with missionary work. On Thursday, we wanted to have a division, so I could visit Zilda, Camilla and their family. I called every sister in the ward and not one was willing to help. Either people were sick or had things to do. Not one person could spare two hours. It was quite disheartening, but Sister Monterio and I are choosing not to dwell on it and to keep working. We´ve encountered some great new people and we are doing everything we can. The fear is that with three sister missionaries returning home, and we are not recieving one new sister, some areas will be closed. Sister Monterio and I are working hard so Bragan├ža won´t be one of those areas...because if we leave, Ana will not get baptised. Now we´re waiting for either a miracle or some bright spark of an idea. Ana knows everything, she helps Gabi with her personal progress, Bella gave a talk two weeks ago, and Carol gets to give one this week (though she´s very nervous because she can´t read...she´s 6) So, if missionaries ask for something, try to help them. And yes, that includes home and visiting teaching...teaching with love and not with responsibility.

I´ve been studying alot about following the spirit and having the spirit with us constantly. It is quite a comfort to know that when we speak with the spirit, that our investigators' hearts will be touched. We need to constantly be praying, reading the scriptures, being obedient, you know... Sunday School Answers, but when we do, hearts will be touched and people will be baptised.

I hope all is well with you, I think and pray for you all often.
All my love,

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