Sunday, February 6, 2011



Well, everything must change. I am still here in Jau but my dear Sister Poast got transferred. President Tanner called and told Sister Poast what was going to happen. She is the most powerful sister missionary in the mission and she will be opening an area and helping a problem missionary. I´m so proud of her but I'll miss her so much!

We left here at 5:30 in the morning and got to Campinas around 10am. There I found out that I will be working with Sister Forthsyth. I'm excited to be with her! We had to stay in the bus station for 8 hours! The next bus back to Botucatu didn't leave until 6pm. We arrived in Botucatu at 10 pm and were going to have to walk about an hour to get to a house where we could sleep. (Not our house- because we were still another 2 hr bus ride from Jau!) Sister Forsyth asked the elders if a member could drive us. They initially said no, that they didn't want to bother anyone. But after another elder offered to pay for a taxi for us, the others decided to try and find us a ride. A nice member took us and they are just lovely-and even bought us McDonalds.

Caught in the rain!

I prayed, when I was going to be transferred after my last companion, that I could have a true friend and God answered my prayer in the most amazing way possible. I love Sister Poast and we became the best of friends. These last twelve weeks have been wonderful and I would not have traded them for the world. I was laying down a few night s ago and the thought just came to me that I was so absolutely and totally happy. There is no where else I would rather be right now and I know that I still have a ton to learn and to do before I am done. But I am so happy here!

Elder Nelson is coming for a mission conference on the 24th. That will be really fun!

And that´s what happened this week in Botucatu.

I love you all, take care,

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