Sunday, February 27, 2011


And, while you are all snowed in, I am is very very very hot here. Whoever invented ice cream needs to go straight to the celestial kingdom.

Mom, I got the package and love you with all my heart (will be wearing the blue cardi for conference in the morning) and Sister Forsyth loves you, too.

As well, happiness and miracles! This last Sunday I got a phone call from Sister Tanner (President's wife) and she says that someone wants to talk to me. Then I hear a ``Hello`` and I think, I know that voice. ``Mom Monterio?!!`` It was my dear Sister Monterio who was visiting Campinas for the day. We got to talk for 20 mins, and oh, how I have missed her. She´s doing wonderful, still looking for work and a boyfriend, but oh, it was great. Wow, I am so thankful for cellphones, facebook and skype.

So, again...bit of a dry spell but we´ve been teaching a ton and finding lots of people. People who the Lord will prepare for us. But, we´re loosing more sister missionaries. We´re down to twelve in the whole mission, with three more leaving in the next 2 weeks. No one in Provo is getting their visas so we may be down to 9 sisters. If we don´t baptize, they will close areas and I´ve already closed one. I cannot let them close it here. We need a miracle, and not just a baptism, but lots of baptisms.

This week has been all about humility. It´s been studying our roles as sons and daughters of God and trying to understand our purpose here on the earth. It is amazing how wonderful the atonement is in our lives, how Christ with all of his perfection came to the world and redeemed us, even when we don´t feel like we deserve it. As I work here in Jau, I truly have seen how wonderful the gospel is in our lives, how it all makes sense, how this is the one church of the Father. What a great blessing it is to recieve the miracles of the Lord, to trust him and to let him be a part of our lives. Truly, this is the Lord´s work and his glory.

So that´s it. Remember to pray for me tomorrow because I am terrified.
Love to all!
Sister Shannon

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