Sunday, February 27, 2011


GUESS WHAT?!!! You guys are going to totally be jealous of me...why? Because next Thursday, I will be getting to shake the hands of....

ELDER GADOY-of the 70
PRESIDENT SNOW-of the Presidency of the 70

They are going to be giving us a training with all the missionaries in Campinas! I´ll also get to see my friends and fellow missionaries from the mission!

We saw a car crash into a wall...the guy was drunk. He then got out and smoked a cigarette, silly people.

In other news, can I just say how proud I am of my four sisters and my brother and for the two of you, Mom and Dad. As Elders and Sisters, we spend the time teaching and then we spend the time talking about our families. Since I have been here in Jau, I have come to realize how darn lucky I am.

My parents honor their temple covenants, my father is a worthy priesthood holder, my mother is a freaking rock star who can do anything. My brother is a worthy priesthood holder who is serving an honorable mission. My sister who is 18 is going to BYU and not dating a loser. While I´m sure driving with Megan could give Dad a heart attack, she is staying strong, not being rebellious or running away at 3 am. Brynn and Callen are developing new skills and talents. I am so proud of every one of you guys.

Life is life here in Jau. I absolutely adore Sister Forsyth, we are laughing so much. You gotta be able to laugh. We´re still in our dry streak, no one wants to come to church, so we´re gonna fast and pray and ask the Lord to show us where we should be working because truly the field is white ready to harvest.

We did something a little different yesterday in District Meeting. After we teach about Joseph Smith, we invite the investigator to be baptised. Well, yesterday Elder Joseph told us to try something else, that the moment after you finish the First Vision to bear testimony and then to say a prayer with your investigator, and in that prayer ask that the Spirit testify that our message is true and to put feelings of peace.

As missionaries we know that we being called of God and having the authority of Christ, we can promise and ask for anything and it will be given to us. We practiced and I received a testimony again of the truthfulness of our message, the feelings of peace and of tranquility, the knowledge that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, that he saw God and Jesus Christ, that we have a living Prophet who directs this church and how the authority of God is here again. People can say all sorts of things but they can´t deny the feelings in their hearts. The Gospel of Christ is on the Earth. The Power of Forever Families is here, we can have it, if we endure to the end.

And when enduring to the end is too much, when we are trying just to make it through the day, our Father will help us. Our Savior will save us. He´ll jump in the hole with us and pull us out.

Well, guess that´s it. Family, you´re in my prayers.
Take care-

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