Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On Thursday, we'd pretty much finished the work for the week in our area and decided to help out on the other side of town. We spent 6 hours helping contact the investigators and less active members in another area. We set up some lessons and even did some teaching! We helped get the other missionaries their numbers and set up some appointments for them. They were grateful for our help.

WOOT, WE BAPTISED A FAMILY! Paulo, Silvana and Gabriele...Moises will be baptised in a year when he turns eight. It was wonderful and they were all so happy. The whole branch stayed after church to attend and it was great. I was in baptism high- knowing that we're helping someone return to the presence of our Heavenly Father, the promise of Eternal life, of being with their family forever and being happy. I love that verse in Revelations that talks about how there will be no more tears and everything will be okay. Truly, this is a gospel of good news, of knowing why we are here, that the purpose of life is more than just to sit around and eat, drink and be merry...although, you need to learn how to have fun. Joy is important, too!

And now we move to the feels like home because we are in the rainy, flood seasons. Many roads have been blocked, turtles have died and some of the houses near the river are in bad shape. We´re in an apartment so we´re okay. The floods always recede after 5 hours or so, but it felt like home for a tiny bit...good thing Sister Poast and I have umbrellas.

As well, I had the most interesting thing to was this tough meat. After we both had a tiny bit, we asked, "what is it?" To which they answered that it was some sort of bird...and then they said, "Pomba" ...pigeon. Yep, it was horrible and we were both got sick afterwards. The elders brought us stomach meds, but we were hurting for a few days.

So, I love you all. Keep up the good work. Do the small things, pray, read your scriptures, do home and visiting teaching, stay true to the faith, remember that it is the greatest of all gifts-- joy and peace. It is through the atonement of our Lord and Savior that we can do anything, but we have to endure to the end. (I have to talk in the other branch this Sunday for 15 mins, that is enduring to the end, say a prayer for me!) But the thing is that it's the small choices we make every day that will define our lives.

"Don´t do anything stupid"- as Mom always says, you guys are rock stars, know that you are all in my prayers. Take care. Erynn, I want photos of the black eye!


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