Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, I'm still here in Corderio with Sister Cleise. Transfers came and went. So, my camera should be here on Saturday. Life is good, we´re working hard. Our eternal investigators are still complicated, but what can you do. It´s getting cold here and I finally bought a cheap jacket. My feet are cracking and bloody, but at least I´ve not gotten blisters!! My feet are "apparently" really tough- according to all those with feet problems. My shoes are falling apart, so if you guys could send me some duct tape I can try and mend them from the inside. My comp is suffering with knee problems (she played Soccer, MEGAN- BE CAREFUL) and we´re hoping that physical exercise will help. Have I mentioned that it´s cold? I don´t know how Í´m going to handle Rexburg, Brasil has changed me.

Braganca got opened up again, YEAH. Nova Veneza was closed for Sisters (don´t really understand why.) My old zl is now the assistant.

We´ve been helping out Laila and we´re planning on taking her to the temple. She´s going through a rough time. We decided to make her and the boys a cake. We had to travel to Limera, another city, for most of the day and then came back and went to her house. She didn´t believe that we were really coming. When she saw that we had bought everything to make a cake (cake mix, milk, butter, eggs) as well as nescaf and condensed milk to make the fudge layer, she almost cried. I´m pretty sure this was one of the nicest things we could have done for her and the boys. It felt nice.

Eliza has also become something of the marriage councilor. She´s writing a book about marriage. She says that because of her sickness, she and her husfriend, have learned to appreciate the little stuff. She watched "Proof of Fire", or some evangelical film about marriage and we taught them about talking and communication.

Church is going well. Because the temple is closed for cleaning, we had a few of the temple workers visit us. One of the couples is American and the dear sweet older sister has been here 6 months and does not understand anything. It was quite weird speaking in English. We´ve been teaching the Gospel Principles class for the last few weeks. I taught about baptism. I was thinking of my baptism, of how thankful I am for everything, of the example that I have had my entire life.

I think that´s it for right now. Happy for the boys coming home and the boys leaving. They will all be wonderful. Our two newbies in the zone are from Washington, one from Spokane and one from Wenatchee. Why we can´t have elders from Seattle, I´ll never know. Anyway, I love you all and pray for you guys. Hope that all is well, and thank you all for living the gospel. Take care-


P.S. Not to be trunky or anything...my first dinner when I get home: salmon, twice baked potatoes, peas, triple chocolate cookies. Yum!

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