Sunday, June 26, 2011


So glad that things are going well with you at home. My life is crazy as ever. It will be nice to have Eric baptize Callen...wish I could be there, seriously. Wow, the family is all growing up. Brynn you look so grown up!

We only had 35 people at church last Sunday because it was the town festival and all the children had to go walk in a parade, and so not one came. We met our new zone. We´re in a zone of 20 missionaries. I was excited, Elder Pedrozo is in the zone, he's one of my best zone leaders EVER!!!!!!!! Oh, and one of the new sisters worked in Nova Veneza after me. That's exciting. She caught me up on the latest of our friends. Edwardo is now the second councilor in the young men's, and THEY BAPTIZED CAMILLA!!! I taught her before I was transferred and then this new sister and S.Monaco were able to finish and baptize her. Wow, I was thrilled. Fatima is the new Relief Society Pres, YES!!!!!!!!! We had an awesome district meeting, E.Tomaz is awesome. It was about being spiritually prepared, about how we need to help others understand the importance of prayer. It was wonderful.

We went walking to a new part of town. We walked 5 miles on a dirt road to meet these people. One was a reference, her son died a year ago and now she´s suffering severe depression. We taught her the plan of Salvation, gave her a book of Mormon and testified that she would see her son again. We then worked and worked and worked, these people live in farms, so soon I will be the Olympic Champion of walking. We worked hard, it rocked.

We are continuing with the visit of less actives in all the wards in the stake. Last week was interesting. We were in Nova Italia and talked to someone who was shouting blasphemy. Problems of pride, money and order...he says he wants a meeting with Thomas S. Monson to change how the church works here in Brasil....good luck.

We got stuck in a rain and wind storm last night, have a tiny cold now. Think that´s it.


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