Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So mom and dad, I love you guys so so so much! We´ve spent the last week being marriage and family counselors and let´s just say that I will be following your example and not the example of so many others. We have these two people who were recently baptised, but they still aren't married. They´ve been together for 10 years and have 3 kids. We spent 2 hours working with them last night. Trying to help them progress in the gospel. It didn't go so well (an understatement!) Gosh, when you don´t keep the commandments, it really doesn´t work for you.

As well, we´ve been working with another woman. Her children are members. She has a testimony but she also has a `husfriend`` aka a man she´s living with. She´s married to someone else and is waiting for divorce. But, she also has stomach cancer and a 95% chance of this cancer killing her...so, we´ve been helping them out with cooking and cleaning. I made dinner for them the other night. It was good. Her husfriend is a very strong Catholic, but he´s not smoking or drinking any more. That's progress.

The hot dog activity went well, we had a ton of people there. Life is life, we are trying to work with people who are inactive. Transfers are in a week so I´ll get my package from the mission home then. Thanks for the camera! Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me faith and hope in marriage. Love you all-


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