Monday, April 18, 2011


Amazing shout out and 'hello' to my new friend, Kimberely- from New Zealand, who is waiting for her mission call! (She googled Sister Missionaries' blogs and found mine and wrote a 3 page letter!!! She is totally awesome!) Congratulations and I'm sending you a letter, although I´m not sure when it will get there. :)

I'm writing this from the Campinas temple. It´s awesome!!! I get to go do a session in an hour. YEAH!!

So, this week has been hard. My comp and I have some differences that are affecting the work. Staying home and being lazy is not why I chose to come on a mission. Urg, I may not be able to speak the language that well or be able to teach amazingly, but I am a workaholic. If I am not working my best every day then I feel like I haven´t accomplished my part.

We had a multi-zone conference and I got to see some old friends. That's always a boost. It was really good. I learned alot about repentance.

We have a wonderful investigator. But, the ward leadership said that there were some concerns about us baptising him because of his past, that several members of the ward would not be pleased if he joined the congregation. I just kept my mouth shut (aren´t you guys proud?!) and nodded. Right after, in testimony meeting, this investigator bore an amazing testimony, it was awesome. He said that he knew the church was true and thanked everyone and talked about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Many people looked dumbfounded after he spoke.

Keep looking on the bright side of life. This is God´s work and if He can turn a rock into bread, He can help me change. As it says in D/C 4, faith, hope, love and charity qualify us for the work, but the first thing we need is a desire to work in this Gospel. I may not have enough faith, hope or love, but I have a desire to change. And I will, I will change and be better.

Love ya-


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