Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, first off, WOW! Eduardo got the priesthood and he´s going to do temple baptisms today. I´m happy!!! Secondly, God does have a sense of humor, because like always, I got transferred. Wasn´t expecting that. My dear people in the office didn´t tell me. I complained to one of the assistants that I get a new companion every six weeks (we´re friends) and he was like, Welcome to the yeah now to add to Monterio, Wagner, Carvalho, Poast, Forsyth, Costa, and Monaco, we get to add S.Cleise to the list...and wait for it, we opened an area!!!

Yeah, I´m opening an area. It´s called Cordgiropoles and it's a small city of 20,000. Mom-if you want to look it up, type in Rio Claro, that´s the city closest to it. It´s a branch and we are still kind of trying to find our way around. The elders did a good job here, from what I´ve seen and the branch seems excited to have us. Oh, but the elders have totally different standards when it comes to having a clean house. We spent 3 hours yesterday and this morning cleaning and washing everything. Seriously, I will never complain about college dorms again! We´re meeting the elders' investigators and starting to work. I´m really excited!!! This place is beautiful, lakes and trees. Should be fun.

I saw my friends at transfers, everyone is doing well. Love seeing old and new friends, Elder Rassumsum told one of his comps about 'Stapley Stars'....I´d like to think that I´ve changed.

I´m excited to roll up my sleeves and work. Should be a huge adventure. Love you guys,


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