Thursday, April 7, 2011


First off, this week was a week of miracles. On Thursday, some members randomly showed up at our house with bags and bags of food for us...seriously, how wonderful! We were able to baptise Edwardo between General Conference sessions, it was awesome and his family was all there. Most of the youth in the ward were there, and so were all the missionaries in our zone. We sang some songs at the baptism and one of them was Called to Serve, which led to all the missionaries singing the mission anthem. One of our young men, Erick, got called to serve a mission in Manaus. Erick will go to the CTM the end of May, so I´m thinking he´ll miss Eric by one day. Sad, but he´s excited. I´m so proud of him...he´s awesome.

To add on the endless list of jobs I have acquired on my mission, dog catcher and marriage counselor were added this week. See, we ran into the lost dogs of one of our members (who were on the other side of the city) and had to get them home. They were nearly run over by cars 3 times, but miracles happen, and we got them home, it took nearly an hour. Marriage counselor is a tad harder. See, we finally found out why a member in our area doesn´t want to get married to the man she's been living with for 19 years and they have 4 kids. (The kids are all baptised). I won't say more here than that he's been very unkind to her. Now, part of me wants to tell her to move on and that she deserves better than that, BUT the missionary in me knows that everyone can change. The atonement and everything else, communication and a true change of heart. But still, it´s complicated and now everyone in the ward is finding out and beginning to take sides, which is not helping much.

We´re working well and I have no complaints about my comp. You see, we are totally obedient to the letter and the spirit of the rules. When you are 100% obedient, the Lord will bless you.

Family- hope you're having fun in Hawaii!
Love you,

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