Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey Family,
Honestly, I´m glad you all know that I´m okay. Wow...I knew Rachelle and Courtney would be well prepared for the temple. I love going to the temple every week. It rocks. So, as you know, we have many many people here from Washington. One is from Redmond stake, Sister Gordon, and she knows the Dance clan. Another sister knows Elise V. Oh, and I cut my hair! Not kidding...Sister Gordon is a hair stylists, she cut it and it looks good. Thank Grandma for the letter. And poor Eric, sounds like a rough area!

Okay, we´re going proselyting on Friday , I feel fairly confident. On Saturday, we had TRC, where members come in and pretend to be investigators. Long story short...we were supposed to just do a follow up- but the member went totally off book, saying he didn´t believe in Jesus Christ...yep, the teachers were quite apoligetic to us. We certainly got a training that day!

I made a deal with my teacher that I could go 5 hours without speaking a word of English. At 9:21 when I had 8 mins left, I said the name of a movie! UGH! My elders would not stop laughing... My language must be improvong - now I am not allowed to be sarcastic in Portuguese. Yep, I can speak sarcastically in BOTH english and portuguese. I'm working on it!

Mom, one of the instructors, Helaman, was looking at my camera and thought you were my sister! He said you were way too young to be my mom. I just laughed. Brynn-sounds like you're dancing up a storm...wish I could see. Thanks, Mom and Dad, so much for the gift certificate for the party...except, we have such a large district, that everyone only gets one cookie, or my companion and I just go to town with the whole thing. (Editor's note-We're sending more money so the whole group can get ice cream.)

One more thing...the church is true! I love this gospel so so very much. In 14 days I´ll be in Campinas! I´m scared but really excited.
I love you all-Shan

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