Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CTM- last week

Life is awesome!!! We went proselyting in Central Sao Paulo...and it was AMAZING!!!! It looked like places I've been in Europe and New York. I´m in love with this city! I had no fear when it came to spreading the gospel. I just walked right up to people...some rejected me and Sister Poast, but you know, that´s okay, they have their agency and those who listened were truly smiling as they left with Book of Mormons in hand. Yep...I start the conversation and Sister Poast finishes it. We had to ride the subway and I was the only one in our group that knew how. Dad, thanks for taking us traveling. Thanks for showing me the world. I appreciate it so much.

I am really grateful that our district is good. MOM- MY DISTRICT IS FAT BECAUSE OF YOU, BUT THEY ARE HAPPY!!! Thank you guys so so much for the party.

Dad, we made such a cool observation from the temple this morning! It was so awesome!!! Everything leads back to the temple, doesn't it?

I´m so proud of my brother, a senior companion already?! GOOD FOR HIM! He´s grown up so much. Great job, Dad, you raised some good kids. Elder Wolfe is a great guy. I will have to tell Luiz (our teacher) that Eric is training Elder Wolfe. I´m so proud of Eric and his example. Eric's got a good mission president, the best of the best- so we hear.

This week the international director of the CTMs came to visit. He observed Sister Fiallo´s class...she did AWESOME!!! I've got the best teachers in the CTM!

Dad, don´t worry...I´m a sister, of course my apartment will be better than Eric's. I love it here. I'm so happy.
Love, Shan

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