Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey-so so much has happened.

We went proselyting on Friday in the streets of Sao Paulo and handed out six books of Mormon. I may not be able to say what I want to say, but I can honestly say what I need to say. Still, I have lots and lots of hard work to do. Sometimes, I feel like I´m going, that's when I need to work harder and harder. I was the whitest person proselyting. People were very nice. Many people knew who we were but some had never seen sisters out there. The first guy we talked to missed his bus because he was talking to us. Next, we helped a lady carry her bags, and then handed out the rest of the books. Oh, we were talking to this lady and she touched both of our cheeks and said, `Belaza Belaza and Tchu," before walking away. We did as well as our elders. Though two of them ran into real missionaries from Suo Paulo Norche and got TO GO ON SPLITS WITH THEM!! THEY MADE APPOINTMENTS AND ARE NOW TEACHING (well, they left half an hour ago.) It was way cool.

We study in the morning and have class in the afternoon and evenings. We eat and sit and eat and sit. The streets here are crowded and dirty. Lots of stray dogs that bark all night.

There are only 17 sister missionaries in the CTM and very very few of us sing in the choir. Sister Clark asked us FROM THE PULPIT to all join the choir. Everyone who knows me, knows that although Heavenly Father has given me many many gifts, singing is most definitely NOT ONE OF THEM! But, since Sister Clark asked, my companion and I chose to go.

Sister Poast and I have gotten to be good friends with one of our teahers. He came to the temple with us this morning. His girlfriend came, too. He proposed to her after the session! Most romantic thing EVER. They are so adorable together and both of them have given me and Sister Poast great advice.

Family- for many a World Cup- we have rooted for Germany, but now I say...this is the time for BRAZIL!!! Happy thoughts. Oh I forgot! President Clark played basketball and volleyball with us this week. We totally wore him out. But it was so much fun.

We have 20 more days in the CTM. Happy Birthday to Callen! Good Luck to Megan and Erynn. Brynn- you'll rock those shoes! Tell Eric 'Hi' for me on Mother's Day! Love you all so much, Shan

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