Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CTM week 2

So, apparently I brought the weather with me to the CTM. Yes, it´s raining! And even though it´s 50 degrees, we are all cold. Mom, please send me some more cardigans! Oh, and PICTURES please!!! Life is good, our morning teacher, Brother Luiz, got pink eye and was out for 4 days. So, Sister Fiallo taught us for 7 hours each day, and it felt like my head was going to explode. She gave me some #50 sunscreen -so I can keep being the very white girl! Language is not coming as fast as I´d like, but I´m trying. The food is growing on me. Thank Grandma for sending me cookies. Seriously, pictures and letters...!

So, we´ve added four elders to our district. They were in Provo at the MTC for a week. One of them is from DC and we´ve talked about how great it is and how I´m going to move there someday. Also, I´m the movie buff...they throw quotes and see if I can name the move and who´s in it. Still working on Portuguese. It´s getting better. Conference was amazing. You think there was some sort of theme? Haha... Seriously, I am grateful for my family, mom and dad you raised me right and I hope to be able to do half as good a job when I´m a mom. Favorite quote though was Elder Holland's... "You don´t invite thoughts in and give them tea and crumpets and show them where the silverware is...in fact you shouldn´t be serving tea anyway." But, Elder Ucktdorf was fabulous too. I missed Easter. Elder Rathsmusen and I talked about the perfection of ablescewers, yes- we both knew what they were. The 'original six' (missionaries in our zone) are doing well, we went shopping today for post it notes and stamps. The temple is beautiful, we went this morning. The stained glass art is perfection, the celestial room was the most beautiful one I´ve ever seen. I love the temple so so much. It was fabulous to feel of the spirit and just relax for a few hours.
I love it here and right now I need to be serving the Lord. He would not have sent me here unless He had a really good reason. Yesterday we taught the first discussion. We have new sisters and they seem nice. Mom, Erynn, Meg- glad to hear you had a good trip. Brynn and Callen- hope you're well. Mom, good luck with Nana and putting on your senior dinner. Dad- hope all is well. Thank you for all that you do. I love your letters! All my love-Shannon

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