Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Greetings from the CTM! Here’s a little update.

My district seems to think that I’m somewhat of a blunt person, who has no problem telling them what I think. So, last week they began giving me “Stapley Stars” whenever I said something nice. They take them away if I ever say anything that is too blunt...like when I told one of my Elders that he’s such a girl for listing to pop music.

As well as having “Stapley Stars,” I have also been given the nickname of Sarah Palin...not joking. The elders know that I am a tree hugging-independent thinking-feminist so they find it funny to call me Sarah Palin. We also have Jude Law, Moose, Montana, Barbie (my companion), First Blood, Jett Lee, Comet, Tarzan, Michael Phelps and Elder Bold.

So this week we threw a surprise Birthday party for our teacher Sister Fiallo. We decorated the room with streamers, balloons, paper snowflakes and notes! She was so surprised. Then our morning teacher Luiz and two of the other teachers Sister Gaspar and Helaman came up with the food we had bought (Doritos, Cheetos, chocolate) as well as Gardava! We ate and laughed and had such a fun time. Then a few nights ago, at snack one of the elders was wearing a CLUE tee shirt. I asked him if he had seen the movie, he literally squealed and pushed me over to Elder Lyon (who has a tie of President Benson’s, his grandma was his secretary) and Sister Judkins. All of them are major Clue fans and we quoted the movie. Best part...one of them starting saying “Dum De Dum De Da” to which we all started singing, “I am your singing telegram! BANG!!!”

One of the people we “pretended” to teach was a man who had been coming to church for years and had not been baptized. Amazingly, I totally knew what to say! This was one time that I knew exactly what to do! The Portuguese is coming, I can read and understand it but having a hard time speaking it.

We had the chance to go to the Temple, and it was beautiful. One of the senior sisters showed us the baptistery and the sealing rooms. The baptistery has two huge mosaics of John baptizing Jesus. It was so beautiful!

I had to go get my flue shot! NOPE NOT KIDDING...even though they said it was optional. We walked four amazing blocks to the immunization clinic. It was great to be outside for an hour. It didn’t hurt or anything and it’s free so we’re okay. But the clinic honestly looked like a slaughterhouse...dim lighting dark corridors.

Our branch president knows our new mission president who will be here in July. He used to be the church’s legal council in Brazil, but he’s an American from California. The sun and heat are growing on me too. The food is great, still not used to any of the soda. I’m such a water drinker.

Okay, now for the fun news. So pretty much ever Brazilian Elder is in Love with my companion. She had a stalker two weeks ago, but this week a Brazilian Elder gave her a box with a ring and a note inside saying that he wanted to be with her for eternity. We told our Branch President's wife, and then we received a lesson on "locking our hearts." No problem with that here!

We just went out to a barbecue place and I AM SO FULL! We had everything...and yes I had chicken hearts and yes they were good.

Reading that Nana died shocked me, but I’m really glad that I know that I’ll see her again. Of that I have no doubt.

Love you all-Shannon

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