Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This week has been hard. One of the families that we have been teaching took off and moved to Sao Paulo, without telling us. Strike one. We started teaching this guy, he accepted everything. Small problem, he lives in Sao Paulo on the weekends, so the elders will baptize him there. Strike two. And finally, finally, finally, we´re helping a menos active family come back and they are getting ready for baptism and marriage, but, they are moving to another ward three days before the wedding. Strike Three, Urg, oh, well. Just keep working. Just keep working. "Every little thing, gonna be alright."

I also had my first migraine headache on the mission. It was not fun. It was after lunch and we were walking in the hot hot hot and bright sun. I started to get those black out moments, when you know that you´re about to crash. Being out of money, I wasn´t able to buy anything sweet fast enough and got home just as I crashed. I took my pills and fell on the bed. My companion didn´t believe that I was sick, and so when one of the elders called twenty mins later (and I was between heck and a headache), she gave me the phone. I talked for thirty seconds, ran to the bathroom and got sick. My comp felt really guilty. I told her not to worry about it. I took my other pills, and crashed for 5 hours. I woke up totally wiped out and made myself get to the store to buy a tiny bit of food and do all my contacts. I was better the next morning.

We´re starting to work in an area farther away. There is this good returned missionary, who came home two weeks ago, and he´s taking us to visit some people that he knows. That rocked. I love it when people help. Mom, Dad, glad you guys are doing your part. We also got a reference and it looking like it might do well.

Yesterday we had a division with S.Tirell, which was awesome. Someone lost the keys to our apt, so we had to go to Campinas to get the spares. But life is good. It´s always an adventure. Adventures are awesome.

Sending my love to all!

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