Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey Family-

So, not much new to report. Working with people to be baptized. It rocks. Love my companion and my health is somewhat better. As always, the members are giving me food, food and more food. We had a family night on Sunday where I got thrown in the kitchen and the irmas taught me how to make some different types of dishes. The ward seemed to like it. We watched an old church movie and it was quite nice.

On Monday, we had the second sister conference!!! It was awesome. On Sunday night, one of the assistants called and said that there was a conference call...with all the sisters. It was like the opening song from Legally Blonde. We were all so excited to talk to one another again! After two minutes, the assistant yelled, "Sisters, Sisters, Sisters! I have other phone calls to make. You´ll all see each other in the morning."

And we did! Had a day filled with food and friends. I was able to talk to S.Ririe who´s in Braganca. They baptized some of my other investigators!!! And Ana IS FIRM!!! BELLA, GABBS, CAROL!!! MY LITTLE WOMEN TOO!!! I called E.Motto after and he started to cry on the bus!! I was crying, too. Oh, how wonderful it is when the people you love stay in the church.

So, think that´s it. I´m going to a home for lunch and a soap making lesson.

Love you-

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