Monday, March 21, 2011


So, we worked a ton in Jau for my final week. We got a reference from the Elders to teach a 15 year old girl named Talita, who lived in the US for 10 years (Utah and Mass. She said, "hi, I speak English." She speaks English like US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, we taught her the first lesson in ENGLISH!! It was so different but I really liked it. It was weird, but I felt like I was able to express the feelings of my heart more clearly in English. She is going to pray and we´re getting her a Book Of Mormon in English.

Also, rainy Seattle weather has come to Brasil. It is seriously Seattle weather with rain and rain and more rain. My feet were so ugly.

And then, got transferred! Cried at Michelle´s house, she has truly become my mom on the mission and I´m going to miss her. Went and got pastels, going to miss banana and chocolate.

Woke up at 4:30 and started walking to the bus station. We were stopped by the same car 4 times by a guy who kept telling us to get into the car with him. Told him no, told him no again, called the elders, told him no again, walked faster and got to the Rodoviaria. These things only happen at 5 am in the morning.

Took a 4 hour bus ride and ended up in Campinas.

I was really lucky to have S.Forsyth for 5 weeks. She was always calm and not over the top and it was nice to just take a breather and not have to be loud, but just to be quiet. I want to work. When everything doesn´t seem right or you're tired, you just keep putting one foot ahead of the other. Develop that inner strength that the pioneers had, remember the things that they did and realize that God does have a perfect plan, we just see it through a broken pair of binoculars...but God knows what he is doing. He always does. It´s keeping that faith and moving along, even though it seems like nothing you do makes a difference, I can promise that my life has been defined by normal people, working hard, and not by huge entrances and grand applause, but just by the small and simple things.

Congrats to Brynn!
Love, Sister Shan

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