Monday, March 21, 2011


I´m in Campinas, right next to the University, and doing well. The supermarkets have American food (it is very expensive} and I'm still getting used to it. Sister Carvalho is now safe and sound, home in Manaus. Sister Costas and I are here working. We´ve been working with two girls, named Samara and Marina, for baptism. We are helping some other people get married. (Eye roll at all the paperwork and expenses! But hey, commandment of God right!)

Highlight of the week was going to the temple!!! We get to take investigators and it was amazing! When we got there, all of the young women from Hortalandia (Nova Veneza my area with S.Wagner) were there! I was bombarded with hugs and hugs and more hugs. I didn´t think I´d see any of them again and there they all were! When they saw me, it was like heaven. So, the girls we're teaching will be getting baptised in two weeks. Their mom is recognizing the blessings of the church.

We spent most of Tuesday in District meeting and then at the office waiting with S.Carvalho. I got to talk to Elder Corbitt! He´s doing well and working in the office. Then, we took several buses to get back to our area. The people in this area are either students or extremely rich...should be interesting.

I´ve been thinking a ton, next week will be my one year mark (scary, right) and I´ve come to some serious conclusions...

1. When you have a difficult area-you learn to love it (Bragança)
2. When you have a difficult companion-learn to love her.
3. When you have a difficult leader-learn to love him.
4. When you´ve done all of that-learn to love yourself.

The Lord had a perfect plan for each of us and we need to trust in Him enough to follow, even when things are not how we want them to be. This is God´s plan, He see´s the end from the beginning. When we trust in Him, our faith grows. Come what may and love it (Conference is in a few weeks!!!)

Sending you a ton of photos now!
Love y'all-

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