Sunday, December 19, 2010


Wow! What a week! A member of the branch presidency went to visit the home of Maria, Paula, Edna and Marianna with the 4 Jau missionaries. We explained about the Holy Ghost and how the Holy Ghost will help Edna (she´s the one with the evil voices in her head). President Robson asked if we could dedicate the house...well, we´ve tried everything else. Pres.Robson offered the prayer. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. With the power and authority of our Savior Jesus Christ, Pres. ordered that any unclean thing in the house should leave and never come back. All four of us felt in that moment something leave. Elder Adam then bore a poderoso testimony, one that left no doubt in my mind that this is the Lord´s work, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. We left and all of them felt something, but when we returned the next day...let´s just say that Satan has great power and we cannot force people to choose happiness and joy. They don´t want the gospel in their lives. One of the husbands yelled at us and told us never to come back and all of the women said the same thing. We´ve done our part, we have done absolutely everything we can for them but they don´t want the gifts of God in their lives, they are not ready to sacrifice the things of the world for the things of God, and so we are here to find people who want the gifts of God.

District Meeting

Christmas Time is here, complete with lights and presents. Yesterday in District meeting, we had a cake for my birthday (YEAH SISTER POAST) and everyone sang 'happy birthday'. And last week we had CHINESE FOOD, seriously 9 months without Chinese is not the greatest thing in the world. Afterward, we went to the ice cream shop and had a bowl of 12 different flavors of ice cream, with toppings galore and we ate and ate and ate and had an ice cream fight...yeah, we cleaned up afterwards it was fun.

The birthday missionaries

But don´t despair, we worked and worked and worked some more. We´ve met a ton of people and are teaching. Not sure if we´ll have a baptism this week, but seriously, after 6 weeks of my previous comp, this 6 weeks were perfect! Right now we are in a city that is close to a lake and a river and we´re going to have barbecued fish! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

One thing that's great but is kind of sad too, is that we´re working so hard that I don´t have time to think about you guys. You are amazing and you are all in my prayers, but I am so happy here and I am so thrilled to be serving my Lord. Granted there are moments, for example when we´re singing 'Away in a Manger' (I always think of you dad) but life is good, life is great. This is the work of God, this is our chance to do something worthwhile. I´m not allowing myself to be homesick. Seriously, that is the thing. Work hard everyday and the Lord will bless us. This is the work of God, I have no doubt about this. Truly what a wonderful opportunity to learn and live. Serve with all of our heart, mind, might and strength. Do the work and receive the blessings. And learn of Faith and Patience, to know the Lord´s time.

Hey Guys, I love ya! I´ll be talking to you when I´m 22.

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