Monday, December 13, 2010


So we´re teaching, teaching and teaching! It is wonderful...the kids of the branch call the sisters Tia (Aunt) and so I am now Tia Taply...yep lots of laughs but I love the kids here! I love everyone here, it´s great.

So, Sister Carvalho and I. and Elder Adam and comp are working really hard in Jau...for Conference we worked together and our two branches had the best numbers of the week...yeah it rocks when our district is in unison. Elder Adam told me that I´m gonna be senior next transfer (trying to talk him out of it but he said it´s written in stone) and so I´m being thrown on divisions and having to do all the stuff seniors do, eyeroll. But, if it is what God wants, here I go.

We have three baptisms schedualed for this Sunday. And on Monday, we and the Elders had lunch in the chapel with a member of the district presidentcy. He taught us a ton...I think we talked for three hours about the importance of using the spirit in a lesson and how one of the most important things we can do is teach about prayer and feeling the spirit...if our investigators feel something they will be baptised. It was a really great moment for all of us.

Sunday night was great. We didn´t have all of our lessons because we didn´t work in our area Saturday (Elder Lucianno is sick) and so Sunday we worked with Kate (a returned missionary) and Elder Adam came along with Servio (the returned mish who served in Manaus and knows Eric) and taught some of our investigators and gave blessings...lots of laughs and really great.

Hope you´re all doing well...remember that God loves you and that the Lord is blessing me here. Seriously Dad, I am so happy here...the work is hard but I would not be anywhere else, seriously! Love you guys, Shan

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