Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This week was a week of miracles. So much has happened in the last 7 days. Because it was conference we decided to get some teaching done on P-Day. We took a bus for 20 minutes and then walked another two miles ish...before we got to teach Lucianno, a man who is friends of a member. He agreed to be baptized on Saturday! Then on Thursday, we took another bus for 15 minutes and taught a 12 year old girl named Karoline. She’s best friends with a member...Bruna. So we taught Karoline at Bruna´s home. We were originally only going to teach her the first lesson. But, by the time we got to teaching her about Joseph Smith, all of us were, my companion, Karoline, Bruna, Bruna´s we asked Karoline to be baptized on Saturday, she said yes and we taught her the commandments and she said she wanted to get baptized two days later!! It was an amazing moment!! So great! We then walked the two miles to Lucianno and taught him the commandments. He needed a little help with faith but in the end he agreed to be baptized. Friday. We had the interviews, both passed with flying colors, and Karoline´s mom said that she could be baptized!

So we had TWO baptisms on Saturday. Karoline was so excited, she was filled with the light of Christ. She was beaming as she came out of the water. She is going to be a great leader in the church. Bruna, her friend as well. Karoline brought her sister, Inara and her cousin Julia to the baptism and we’ve been teaching them. They both want to be baptized on Saturday. Fingers crossed!!!

As well as Inara and Julia, Bella, Carol, Gabbi and Ana came to the baptism. Bella jumping up and down said that she wants to be baptized on Saturday so we’ve been working with her. They are all so excited, we are teaching them the law of chastity tonight and hoping that Ana will see that she should marry the man she’s living with.

We’ve been teaching so much. And the Lord has blessed us through our efforts. 12 non members came to church on Sunday. We’ve been teaching them all. Yes, I’ve had a bit of a challenge here, but I love being a missionary. It is so amazing. I love it so so much.

Love you all!

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