Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Braganca Paulista

CTM Sisters on Mother's Day

Hello from Braganca Paulista!

This is definitely not Seattle. I am very blessed in that my companion and I are are teaching a ton, particularly about the Restoration. I can do most of that...but the language is killing me. I know the gospel and it makes me so angry when I can´t form words to say what these people need to hear. We´re teaching so much though. When people don´t want to listen or don´t have much time, we sing them a hymn (not kidding, I sing about 10 times a day) and offer a prayer. Right now we´re teaching a man, Antonio, the commandments; a family, the plan of Salvation; and Mariam- lessons on the Word of Wisdom. We have a baptism marked for this week, 2 for next week and a family in 2 weeks.

We follow preach my gospel but when showing the explain about the apostasy we place three fingers under the pic and hold it up. Then when talking about Jesus dying we take one off, and then we take one more off when we talk about the deaths of the apostles and the photo falls. It´s quite specific.

The ward has around 150 members...the bishop seems nice. Also, there are cats, dogs and horses everywhere!!

Oh and tonight I´m teaching English to 50 people. Yep...I´m an English teacher!

We only get our mail once a transfer- because we're out in the hopefully your package will come. Our town has some pretty rich areas- but not where we are.

I miss you guys so much though. I need to count my blessings. I have a bed and a warm blanket. It´s sunny so my wet clothes dry...I have a shower (cold), well a shower head, my companion speaks a tiny bit of English and no one has spit on me. I get to email you once a week. You don´t know how happy that has made me. People here are very nice.

I'd love letters!

Love you,

Sister Shannon Stapley

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