Saturday, July 31, 2010

Braganca Paulista

I GOT MY PACKAGE THIS WEEK! THE SHIRTS AND EVERYTHING WERE PERFECT!!! They fit and are beautiful. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! If you are so inclined to send me more stuff...well, candy is always welcome, and so is music (motab), oh- and Jesus the Christ in English, and the last conference Ensign (May 2010) in English please!! Oh- and more toys for the kids, please! They loved the glow braclets and were sad when they didn´t glow anymore

I had my interview with President and he told me that as soon as my language is better, he's going to make me a senior. I told Sister Monterio and she said, `Well, yeah` Apparently, she, President and the Assistants (they call me neta, which means granddaughter, they were Sister Monterio´s Zone Leaders, and therefore, I am family...) think that I have been working really hard and have all the qualities to be made senior. It won´t be this transfer, or the next, but when I get this language, they all say I am going to lead people. This was really humbling and suprising to me. I don´t think that I work any harder that anyone else does, but apparently I do. Also, it´s really sad. Most of the people I´m close to will be returning home in the next 5 months. Yes, I´m hanging out with all the ``older`` kids. Ah well.

Well, I have now been to my first ward party in Brasil. Trust me when I say it was fun. If you needed proof that I live in the country...well, look at some of the pictures!! Don´t worry, most of the time no one dresses like this, but as it was a Festa Julina, some people dressed up in cowboy attire. There was lots of food, lots of laughs and lots of dancing. Mom, I made a video of one of the dances for you. It is a little cold at nights, but I´m doing alright.

Monday we had the worse lesson either of us have ever given. We watched the film...The Lamb of God, and I had a bad feeling in my stomach. After the film, we asked the investigator to be baptised on Saturday. She said she knows the gospel is true, but she doesn´t want to change. She said if she was baptised on Saturday, she'd still go out and party and drink on Sunday. Well, before we could say anything, and I mean anything, her mother started to talk and the two of them got into a screaming match right in front of us. Her mom kept talking about how disappointed God is in her and that she wasn´t helping at home. Then, the toddler grandson, started screaming and every time Sister Monterio or I went to say something, the mother stopped us. The Spirit was not in the room. So after about 20 mins of this, we finally asked to pray and are going back tonight...wish us luck.

When we arrived at our house, 2 other sister missionaries were waiting for us. They spend the night on Mondays and we go to district meetings on Tuesdays. Things have been really hard for one of the sisters. This is her last transfer, she goes home in 3 weeks, and her comp is very difficult. The comp doesn't like to work, she is rude, sarcastic, doesn´t practice and doesn´t help teach. She fakes being sick all the time, and whenever people try to help or talk to her she just brushes them off. Oh and she stays up every night watching church films. It´s horrible for the comp and she´s ready to go home. This is not how someones last transfer should go.

Yesterday, we went to the TEMPLE!! Campinas is so beautiful. (I still think Seattle is prettier.) Ana, Jilson, Gabbs, Bella and Carol all loved it. The Spirit was very strong. It was so amazing. I am so blessed when I am home that I live close to the temple. We went to the distribution center where there was a film clip of the BYU folkdancers clogging (yep) and the Young Ambassadors doing Fiddler on the Roof. They did the opening monologue and several musical selections! I can NEVER escape that show!!! We showed them all around the grounds and they loved it. Gabbs will go back in a month and do baptisms. It was very peaceful and just wonderful. The temple has such a strong power. We sang 'Families can be together Forever', and oh, it was so wonderful. Hopfully, this temple trip opened Jilson´s heart.

Well, I hope all is well with you guys. I miss you and was so grateful to get the package. Anyone who wants to write me letters is more than welcome!! Truly this is the Lord´s work and when we have faith, all things are possible. For example, 10 yr old Ricardo's mother finally told his father that she's taking Ricardo to church. And so, on Sunday, for the first time in two years, Ricardo will go to church. The spirit has a way of opening hearts and when the time is right, promting actions. I hope you all remember the lessons that you´re learning in church. Remember to read your scriptures, pray every day and the spirit will be your constant companion.
Until next week, I love you,

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